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Herniated cervical spine in Shanghai

Slightly herniated intervertebral disk in the cervical spine

Typically two treatments per week are needed for patients in the initial period when they are in pain.
Following this, “Guasha” and Japanese manual therapeutics treatment will be done once a week.

Results differ from person to person.
However, a complete recovery can be expected in approximately half a year.

A severely herniated intervertebral disk in the cervical spine

When hernia in the cervical spine becomes severe, in the worse case people can faint, and even think about suicide. It is a terrible condition, and cause people to be unable to even finish one task or even one movement.

Usually for severe hernia, operations are suggested at a hospital. However I have had a patient who has been cured of their disorder in a month with daily treatment of Japanese manual therapeutics and Guasha therapy only.

To explain how much pain the patient was in, they had to stop writing his blog that he had updated everyday for 10 years because it was so painful fro them to even type using a keyboard.

Operations are usually recommended when a person is suffering this much. And most people choose to have an operation to be relived from the pain.
But even a person with sever hernia like this can see improvement with treatment at Sageikan.
However, treatment must be performed every day for approximately one month.

For a surgical treatment at a hospital it is said that it takes one to two months for recovery and to be able to return to work or school. Therefore treatment at Sageikan is expected to be faster, however the earlier the pain is treated the results are better.。


Mr. Suzuki’s Treatment, excerpt from his blog

The following is Mr. Suzuki’s comments regarding his treatment:
http://blog.explore.ne.jp/suzuki/82246.html June 24, 2012 Trouble Overseas

I must have done something yesterday, as there is an intense pain in my right shoulder toward the middle of my back.
Maybe I did something while I was working?

Yesterday was a busy day at work, with many customers visiting the store.
But I was able to finish work somehow, fighting the pain.
But last night, I couldn’t even lie down anymore, and by the morning it was so pain that breathing was difficult.  
I am currently writing this blog with just my left hand (smile).
So I have taken the day off work to go get therapy.
My situation seems critical, but I will continue to keep blogging as long as my left hand moves.

Sorry, not able to write much today.
Off to therapy.  

June 26, 2012 Doctors orders to stop From Saturday night I cannot move my body and I am currently resting.
The Doctor ordered me to stop working!

It seems I overdid it at work, and my body has broken down.
If I am able to sit down on a chair again I will resume my blog. My blog "The study of starting a business in China” will take a break after 4 years.

I am already soaked in sweat just to write this much.
But I’ll definitely be back.
This past week has been a struggle to just to get by, not being able to work but also just living in general.
I will be 52 years old next month, and come to think of it this is the first time I have taken time off to rest.

I think I have been under the impression that I am the type of creature that would die if I stopped doing something. But in fact, I am like any other creature; I would die if I didn’t stop once in a while.

This time it seems that I have broken my body; I cannot stand, sit or sleep.
I can’t do these things or rather it is excruciatingly painful to do so, would be a better expression.
For example, it is painful to even keep the same posture just for ten seconds when urination in the toilet, and halfway through, I feel like giving up as the pain is horrible in my muscles and nerves.
This week was seriously hard!

So today, I have finally recovered enough to be able to sit down on a chair to type at a keyboard.
But again, I am already soaked in sweat just to write this much(Laugh). 
The current environment where I am now, my job is not busy, but rather a problem with my personality where if I have even a little bit of time, I tend to try new things and incorporate them into my life/work as much a possible.

Recently I have started to make preparations for my new life ten years from now, and end up sleeping less.
I go to bed every night at about 3:00am, and begin work from half past 6 in morning.
I was also skipping lunch breaks and doing as much as possible with the limited time that I had.
Leading such a life for half a year, I was pushing myself too much and my body gave in.
In a sense, I now know my own limits and may spend a pleasant better life for my 50’s.  
I want to take this opportunity to give thanks and apologize to the people that I have troubled during this time.
I really caused people to worry and I may still keep troubling you again, and I am sorry for this.
Thanks to you, I have been able to return my strength to 20% of what I was originally.

From now on, I will devise a life style suited to my age and be able to give better results.
Thank you in advance for your help.
In addition, when I recover completely, I will report in my blog how and what kind of method I recovered by.
I think that there are many people out there suffering from some similar pains, varying in discomfort, so please look forward to my treatment information..

Okay, so this is the reopening of my blog "The study of starting a business in China”! 
September 08, 2012
Do you know, 1 in 4 people are…?

I think everyone has a sense of some kind of strangeness about his or her body.
A common human such as myself, repeatedly forced myself to work very hard and in June this year my body gave in.

It was like being attacked by an acute pain and I even experienced a state of unconsciousness at one time.
I went to the hospital for treatment, but received only painkillers and it did not seem that was going to be treated for my symptoms.

I gave up hope at the hospital after half day and called one person whom I had met before in Shanghai.
“I need your help. My body is broken. I am in so much pain, I can’t sit or lie down and can’t even breath.”

After talking to her for 20 seconds she said,
"You can be cured!" From then, I traveled every day to the Shanghai city for 40 days.
And now I am complete recovered! 
After 2 weeks of therapy I was able to almost return to a normal way of life, and I began to think that that this doctor was a god or a goddess.
I have been blogging about my treatment for the past 3 months but I will finally introduce the details.

Her name is Ms. Naoko Kudo. She has a therapy center in the heart of Shanghai opposite the Carrefour in Gubei, where a lot of Japanese people gather in Shanghai.
The place is called "Sageikan Traditional Chinese Medical Therapy Center".

I also found her homepage:
The treatment given here is called “Guasha” and it is a therapy that applies special oil to the skin and then the skin is rubbed with a small stone board to expel toxins from within the body and also the practitioner is able to identify the body’s disorders.

The treatment I had also included Cupping Therapy, which also removes bad toxin from the body. 
As I had unreasonably bad health, when the bloodletting therapy started, the blood removed from my body was a dark black gelatinous blood.

You have to experience this treatment to understand it.
I feel that because my body was in such a bad state, after every treatment I felt that I was improving and that this treatment was genuine.

Apparently weak or painful knees trouble 1 in 4 Japanese people.
I am sure everyone, knows of a family member or friend who is troubled by some type of physical pain or problem.
If you are in Shanghai, why not try this place out once? 
Even for a seriously ill person like me, the treatment was almost painless so I think that the therapy is appropriate for even the elderly and children.
In addition, it may be good for people who are not keen on seeing a general doctor.
The practitioner is an openhearted person.

As tens of thousands of people follow my blog each week, I avoid doing personal advertising, but please consider this a sharing of my experiences and not advertising.

I have recovered completely now, I exercise moderately every day and eat three meals a day.
This is also thanks to Ms. Kudo's advise of telling me over and over again to lead a better life style.
I wrote this blog today in hope that everyone can lead a healthier better life.

This therapy is really great!
Your body will be impressed and will thank you.
Thank you!


Operation Risks

An operation performed at a hospital leaves a scar and can also leave the patient with complications. It is advisable to avoid the operations as much as possible. 。
  • Damage to the esophagus and or the carotid artery
  • Damage to the Dura mater (a thick membrane that is the outermost of the three layers of the meninges that surround the brain and spinal cord) and the leaking of cerebrospinal fluid from the surgical area. Meningitis may arise secondary to this.
  • The damage may be done to the spinal cord and surrounding nerves due to the high-speed drill used in the surgery. (Depending on the degree of damage, there is risk of cervical cord injury or paralysis of arms).
  • Pressure to the spinal cord after the surgery due to hematoma formation (Risk of Cervical cord injury).
  • Detachment or fracture of the grafted bone.
  • Infection in the surgical area.
  • Persistent pain and or numbness of area that the transplant bone was harvested.
  • Unable to elevate the arms
  • Other rare complications such as deep vein thrombosis
  • Pneumonia and other infectious diseases.

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